Flo Minton – Photographer, FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot, Digital Artist and Instructor

Studio InColor™ features the work of photographer and digital artist Flo Minton of Boynton Beach, FL.

Image Licensing & Representation – Main Line Art & Design

Drone Pilot – Remote Pilot, Part 107 FAA Certified, fully licensed for commercial flight

KAP Photographer and Member, AMA

Team Leader, Palm Beach – International Drone Day 2015

Member – Amelia Dronehart Women’s RC Pilots Club

Exhibiting Artist, Vivid Expressions in Art – 110 East Gallery, Delray Beach, FL

Exhibiting Artist/Finalist, 2012 Art on the Avenue 4 “I LOVE NY” – Delray Beach, FL

Exhibiting Artist, Imagination Squared: A Creative Response Project

The Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL

Exhibiting Artist, North Beaches Art Walks – Atlantic Beach Town Center, Atlantic Beach, FL

Exhibiting Artist, Lillie’s Cafe and Gallery – Atlantic Beach,  FL

Performing Artist, Riverside Arts Market – Jacksonville, FL

Featured Artist of the Month Profile -VOID Magazine, December 2011

Editorial/Print Photo Credit – Marketplace 3.0 Magazine

Editorial/Print Photo Credit – October-November 2011; VOID Magazine, September 2011;

Editorial/Print Photo Credit – Textbook published January 2012, McMillan Publishing, NY, NY