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Encaustic Monotypes – Paula Roland, Artist

I came across this artist, Paula Roland while researching encaustic painting last week. What I saw amazed me, as I had no prior knowledge of this medium. Paula paints using what’s called a “hot box”, which is basically a large plate of anondized aluminum placed over a regulated heat source. The plate heats up enabling you to spread the encaustic paint sticks on the surface of the aluminum and then manipulate and shape the wax with a scraper, squeegee or knife. The final step is to take a piece of paper and place it over the melted wax and allow the wax to imprint the paper. What makes these images fascinating is the wax the oil in the wax creates this beautiful halo around the blotches of color when it bleeds on the paper. The images are sublimely beautiful and very organic.

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Paula also has a great DVD which talks about her process – looks like another “must have”! Here is an excerpt from her DVD:


Encaustic Artist and Author Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Keeping with my new fascination with photography and encaustic, I just purchased two new books by author and encaustic art Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch on Amazon. One is on the way and one is due for release the beginning of August 2011. She is a wonderful instructor and a terrific artist, not to mention a really nice person, too. Very generous with her knowledge. She also runs EncaustiCamps, which I wish I was nearby so I could attend. Check out her website at if you are interested in seeing her work.

Encaustics and Photography…a new love affair

I am afraid that I have caught the encaustic bug. Encaustic is the process of painting with clear or pigmented hot wax on a board. It has always fascinated me and now I have just discovered it can be used beautifully with photography and collage. Bought my first big chunk of beeswax and dammar resin this weekend and took advantage of the rainy days to try it out first hand. It is incredibly hands on to melt the wax, paint with it then use the heat gun to manipulate and shape the wax. I started with clear beeswax but I know next I will want to get some oil pastels or pan pastels to add color to the wax or rub on top of the wax once it cools.

It is an ancient art dating back to the Greeks and Romans. The finished works have a deeply layered and transparent appearance. It is a seductive medium but one that is not easily mastered. I have seen some great artists online that produce incredible work in this medium. They have inspired me to pursue learning more about the techniques and experiment with using some of my photographs with encaustic medium. Will post the results when I have some completed pieces.

In the meantime, here are two great encaustic artists whose works I love:

Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch:

Elena de la Ville: