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Diane Poinski – A Master at Hand Painting Photos

I found Diane Poinski on Facebook recently. She does wonderful hand painted photos and more importantly, she has written a free e-book to teach others to do the same. This is a technique I have always been curious about but never tried because I didnt like the expense of having to buy tubes of Marshall’s photo oils needed to do it. Until now, that was the best method, but now with the introduction of PanPastels, it is less messy and a lot less expensive. Not that the PanPastels are cheap by any means, but they seem to be easier to manage and have other applications besides hand painting photos, which justifies the expense better.


View Diane’s portfolio and download her free ebook about Hand Painting Photos at her website – and dont forget to LIKE her on Facebook, too!

Flypaper Textures – another great texture blog


I love this site! They have great textures and great posts. Super stuff for creating painterly effects. The author is also very generous in providing great recipes for producing the desired effects with step-by-step instruction for Photoshop. Visit Flypaper Textures and show some love by ‘liking” them in Facebook!