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Sunset, Ocean Ridge, FL – version 2


Sunset, Ocean Ridge, FL. Shot with Ricoh GX200 suspended on a KAP rig from a 9′ Levitation Delta Kite at approx 200′ altitude. Reprocessed in Photoshop CC 2015 with Topaz DeNoise, Topaz Simplify and Nik Color EFX.

Virginia Key

Virginia Key Pano 3WEBView from Virginia Key looking toward Key Biscayne and Downtown Miami. Shot with Phantom Vision+ and post processed in Photoshop CC 2015 using Topaz and Nik plugins

End of the day – Drone Pano

DJI-Boynton-Ocean-6182015WEBEnd of the Day
8 shot pano shot with DJI Phantom Vision+, stitched and post processed in Photoshop CC 2015

Dusk at Oceanfront Park – Kite Aerial

Boynton-Beach-KAP-1-6182015Dusk at Oceanfront Park, Boynton Beach, FL

Kite Aerial. Shot with Ricoh GX-200 suspended from 9′ Levitation Delta at approx. 200′ altitude. Post processed with Topaz Simplify and Nik Color EFX and Viveza.

Dusk – Moorea, French Polynesia

moorea-morning-huts-2015WEBMist at Dawn, Mo’orea, French Polynesia.

Shot in 2005 with a EOS Rebel and post processed in 2015 with Topaz Adjust and Nik Color EFX.


CatamaranCatamaran, Delray Beach, FL

Shot with Ricoh GX-200 and post processed with Topaz BW Effects and Nik Color EFX.







Sunset – Key Largo, FL

View of the sunset on Key Largo, FL, looking west from the beach at  the Marriott Resort towards Key Largo Bay.

The Florida Keys are famous for their breathtaking sunsets. On any given day, the beaches are filled with people watching for the “green flash” – the moment when the sun disappears completely below the horizon.

Shot with Lumix LX-5 and post processed with Nik Color EFX Pro, Viveza, OnOne PhotoFrames Pro and French Kiss Textures by Leslie Nicole.

The Gascoigne Pier – St. Simons Island, GA

The Pier at Gascoigne Park in St. Simons Island, GA. Taken June 10, 2012 with Panasonic Lumix LX5. Processed with French Kiss Textures, Nik Color EFX Pro and Topaz Adjust 5


French Polynesia…remembering my trip

Overwater Bugalows - Moorea, French PolynesiaIf you have one place that you must go in your lifetime, make it French Polynesia. When I landed there, I felt like I had left this planet. It is unworldly. I felt no connection whatsoever back to the rest of the world. It was peaceful and serene, the people had a gentle, childlike quality and everywhere I went, it smelled like flowers. The water was impossibly clear and blue and loaded with rainbow colored fish and coral.

I regret that at the time, I did not take more photos, but I have a few good shots to play with so will post them in the days ahead