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Still life macro of dried rose shot with Lumix LX7 in natural light, fitted with +10 and +1 macro filters. Post processed with Nik Complete Collection.


Denouement (1)

Still life of my faded Valentine’s Day flowers. When I looked at them through the lens, I saw more beauty and drama in the dying roses than in the fresh ones.

Shot with my Lumix LX-7, fitted with a pair of 10X + 1X macro filters. 5 shot focus stack, post processed in Photoshop CC with the Nik Collection.

Still Life – Violin

Still life of my violin. Shot with Panasonic Lumix LX5 in macro mode @ 90mm zoom. Post processed with Photohop CC using Topaz and Nik Plugins.

Still Life – Pencils

Still life of colored pencils. Shot with Panasonic Lumix LX5 in macro mode @ 90mm zoom. Post processed with Photohop CC using Topaz and Nik Plugins.

Birthday Rose

One of the roses from a lovely flower arrangement I received for my birthday.

Shot with Nikon D5100 with a Nikkor 50mm prime lens. Postprocessed using Nik Color EFX Pro and Viveza and a texture from French Kiss.


Hibiscus Macro.

Shot with iPhone 4s. Processed with Nik Silver EFX Pro and Viveza and French Kiss Textures.

Vintage Sunflowers

Visited the Charleston Farmer’s Market in Marion Square on my last trip and came across a large flower booth. I was so happy to discover a big barrel full of sunflowers hiding on the side of the booth!

Shot with Nikon D5100 with Nikkor 35-120mm lens. Post-processed with Nik Silver EFX Pro, Viveza 2 and Bonnie Ziemann Textures.

Vintage Hydrangeas

I love hydrangeas! Almost as much as I love fresh irises.

Shot with Lumix LX-5. Post Processed with Topaz Adjust, Nil Color EFX Pro and Leslie Nicole’s French Kiss Textures.

Ice Buckets, 39 Rue de Jean, Charleston, SC

Taken at one of my favorite restaurants in Charleston, SC, 39 Rue de Jean.


Shot with Lumix LX-3. Processed with  Nik Color EFX Pro, Topaz Adjust and Leslie Nicole’s French Kiss Textures. I used one of Leslie’s new grunge frames to create the look of a vintage postcard, and two of her textures blended and masked.




A Romantic Bouquet – creating a vintage look

I recently received this photo of a bouquet I had sent. It was made up of two of my favorite flowers, irises and lavender roses and I could not resist giving it a vintage treatment. I painted it with several layered textures using blending modes and layer masks and…voila’!

I am really enjoying exploring a softer, more romantic, vintage look for my photos, a radical departure from my customary style of highly stylized, highly saturated images. Could see a whole new series of images done in this style coming down the pipe real soon. Feeling a creative shift…maybe I’m in love?

Kayaks – Key Largo, FL

I was walking the jetty in Key Largo at sunset last Thursday night when I came across a bunch of kayaks moored on the dock. This picture practically took itself! Nothing like sunset in the keys to take your breath away. It was only a two hour drive to Key Largo, but it seemed like I was so far away from home. Life is slower, the people are nicer and the water was a balmy 84 degrees. Life is good!

Textured Botanicals

I just purchased some new textures from French Kiss Textures and my web buddy Leslie Nicole. This is the first image I am doing with her new textures and borders and I really like the results. She has a beautiful, soft quality to her textures and they inspire me to do these softer pieces.

This photo was taken at the Liz Stewart flower shop in Jacksonville Beach last year. I have had all of these flowers photos sitting in my catalog until I could figure out what to do with them. When I saw Leslie’s textures, I thought these photos would be perfect for trying out the new textures. I like the results a lot. Will get this printed, mount it on a board and try it with encaustic next!

Still Life – Tea Stained Rose

A change of style for me…I call this Still Life – Tea Stained Rose. Done with new Nik Software Bundle and Topaz Bundle along with textures, overlays, layer masks, clipping masks and other cool techniques I just learned for Photoshop. Thanks to Leslie Nicole for all of her tutorials and great encouragement!