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Sunset, Ocean Ridge, FL – version 2


Sunset, Ocean Ridge, FL. Shot with Ricoh GX200 suspended on a KAP rig from a 9′ Levitation Delta Kite at approx 200′ altitude. Reprocessed in Photoshop CC 2015 with Topaz DeNoise, Topaz Simplify and Nik Color EFX.

The Foc’sle – Provincetown, MA

Photo of the Foc’sle on Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA.

Shot with Panasonic Lumix LX-5 and post processed with Topaz and NIK software plugins.

The Red Inn – Provincetown, MA

The historic Red Inn at the tip of Commercial Street in Provincetown, MA.

Shot with Panasonic Lumix LX-5. Post Processed with Topaz, OnOne and Nik plugins.

Sunset – Key Largo, FL

View of the sunset on Key Largo, FL, looking west from the beach at  the Marriott Resort towards Key Largo Bay.

The Florida Keys are famous for their breathtaking sunsets. On any given day, the beaches are filled with people watching for the “green flash” – the moment when the sun disappears completely below the horizon.

Shot with Lumix LX-5 and post processed with Nik Color EFX Pro, Viveza, OnOne PhotoFrames Pro and French Kiss Textures by Leslie Nicole.

Hand Colored – Cathedral Basilica, St. Augustine, FL

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine was founded in September, 1565, making it the oldest parish in the US and Canada. It sits in the center of historic St. Augustine, America’s oldest city. It underwent major renovation on its 400th anniversary in 1965 but still retains the authentic flavor of the Spanish Franciscans who founded the parish.

Shot with Lumix LX-5, processed with Nik Color EFX Pro, Viveza and French Kiss Textures, printed in black and white on archival 100% cotton rag paper then hand colored with pastels.

Ice Buckets, 39 Rue de Jean, Charleston, SC

Taken at one of my favorite restaurants in Charleston, SC, 39 Rue de Jean.


Shot with Lumix LX-3. Processed with  Nik Color EFX Pro, Topaz Adjust and Leslie Nicole’s French Kiss Textures. I used one of Leslie’s new grunge frames to create the look of a vintage postcard, and two of her textures blended and masked.




New Tools – Lightroom 3, Nik Complete and Perfect Layers!

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of some new software goodies…finally making the jump to Adobe Lightroom from Photoshop. I will still use Photoshop, but looking forward to using Lightroom. I only did this becuase of a new product, OnOne Software’s Perfect Layers that allows Lightroom to work in layers just like Photoshop. Since it was developed in partnership with Scott Kelby, I know it will be a great tool! I use a lot of layers in Photoshop when working with textures and it will be super to have the other great tools in Lightroom AND be able to add layers. I am also ordering the Nik Software Complete Bundle which includes Dfine, Sharpener, Vivenza, HDR Pro, Color EFX Pro and my #1 favorite, Silver EFX Pro. With these tools, along with my other favs, the Topaz Labs Bundle there is no creative limit to what I can do! Cant wait to see what “develops”…excuse the photo pun!

More info on the Nik Complete bundle in this video: