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Must-have iPhone Photo Apps!

PocketboothHow many of us have started using our iPhones as out “go-to” camera when traveling, sightseeing, etc? It takes sharp photos that can even be enlarged for wall prints. Add some great apps for iPhoneography and you have incredible creative possibilities! Some are free, most are a dollar or two. Try some, find your favorites and share them with your freinds -it’s irresistable!

Here’s a couple of great lists of the best photo apps for iPhone compiled by the blog PhotoArgus:



If you need proof of how creative the work can be just using your iPhone and apps, check out this portfolio:


I also have been following my friend Dianne Poinski’s new iPhoneography obsession and I would recommend you check out her work:


Have fun!!!

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Baby Portrait – collaboration with photographer Natasha Meyer

I am really excited about a new creative partnership with Florida portrait photographer Natasha Meyer. We will be bringing an exciting new suite of products to her photography studio clients through Citrus Creative PhotoWorks™.

These one-of-a-kind fine art pieces will be available as special orders in the following formats:

  • canvas prints with oil rub and/or cracquelure finish
  • hand painted prints on fine watercolor paper, rice paper or silk
  • facemounted prints on acrylic  with metallic standoffs
  • prints on fine art metals
  • encaustic portraits on wood board hand rubbed with oil paint or pastels
  • wood block collages, triptychs, diptychs and other dimensional mixed media collage pieces
  • image transfers on metal, wood, marble and glass

Top image is original image, bottom image is my rendering. Click on photo to see larger image.

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Oreo Portraits? No way!

OK just when you think youve seen it all I find a woman who does portraits on Oreo cookies, flowers made from hair, nails clippings and baby teeth and little scenes using insects as the main characters. Judith Klausner is a graduate of Wesleyan U and is based in Somerville, MA. Her stuff is very provocative, always engaging and even slightly repulsive but never dull. Isnt that what good art is all about?


See more at her website

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Diane Poinski – A Master at Hand Painting Photos

I found Diane Poinski on Facebook recently. She does wonderful hand painted photos and more importantly, she has written a free e-book to teach others to do the same. This is a technique I have always been curious about but never tried because I didnt like the expense of having to buy tubes of Marshall’s photo oils needed to do it. Until now, that was the best method, but now with the introduction of PanPastels, it is less messy and a lot less expensive. Not that the PanPastels are cheap by any means, but they seem to be easier to manage and have other applications besides hand painting photos, which justifies the expense better.


View Diane’s portfolio and download her free ebook about Hand Painting Photos at her website – and dont forget to LIKE her on Facebook, too!

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Encaustic Artist and Author Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Keeping with my new fascination with photography and encaustic, I just purchased two new books by author and encaustic art Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch on Amazon. One is on the way and one is due for release the beginning of August 2011. She is a wonderful instructor and a terrific artist, not to mention a really nice person, too. Very generous with her knowledge. She also runs EncaustiCamps, which I wish I was nearby so I could attend. Check out her website at pbsartist.com if you are interested in seeing her work.

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