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Baby Portrait – collaboration with photographer Natasha Meyer

I am really excited about a new creative partnership with Florida portrait photographer Natasha Meyer. We will be bringing an exciting new suite of products to her photography studio clients through Citrus Creative PhotoWorks™.

These one-of-a-kind fine art pieces will be available as special orders in the following formats:

  • canvas prints with oil rub and/or cracquelure finish
  • hand painted prints on fine watercolor paper, rice paper or silk
  • facemounted prints on acrylic  with metallic standoffs
  • prints on fine art metals
  • encaustic portraits on wood board hand rubbed with oil paint or pastels
  • wood block collages, triptychs, diptychs and other dimensional mixed media collage pieces
  • image transfers on metal, wood, marble and glass

Top image is original image, bottom image is my rendering. Click on photo to see larger image.

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A different way to restore an old photo

A friend sent me an old photo and asked me if I could restore it. I decided to go one step further and used Topaz plugins, some textures and overlays to create an art piece vs a simple restoration. Here are the before and after:

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I love textures

I was surfing Flickr recently and came across a photographer whose work fascinated me. She had a soft, feminine point of view and I loved her style. So I wrote to her and asked her how she achieved her look and she told me – Photoshop textures!

It turned out she also ran an e-store that sold her own original textures, so I checked them out and discovered a whole new realm. I am hooked. It involves layering textures over a photo, using layer masks to paint the texture on/off the photo and using clipping masks and adjustment layers to add effects. I have taken my Photoshop skills to a whole new level thanks to Leslie Nicole. See her textures and tutorials at www.frenchkisstextures.com.

Here is my first attempt at working with textures fpr portrait work with before and after images. Thanks to Leslie for the textures!


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